T’s & C’s

*Beckenham Half Marathon is a fun event aimed at raising funds for Action Against Cancer. All participants enter the events at their own risk.

  • 1. Beckenham Half Marathon 2021 is open to any person over 16 on the day. A registration form must be completed by each entrant.
  • 2. A condition of entry is that you are in good health and have no medical condition that may cause undue concern or inconvenience to others. You accept that you participate at your own risk and that no liability is accepted by the organisers for injury, damage or loss sustained by you before, during or after the event.
  • 3. All entrants must wear or carry appropriate clothing, waterproofs and footwear for an event of this nature.
  • 4. Dogs are not permitted to take part.
  • 5. Entry donations are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • 6. The organisers and volunteers accept no liability for any accident, injury or loss to any person(s), supporters and/or their property participating in, or supporting this event.
  • 7. Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance to meet their own personal health and event requirements.
  • 8. There will be a cut off time of 4 hours. If you have not completed the course within this time you will be picked up from the course
  • 9. Headphones are not permitted as per the rules of England Athletics. This is for the safety of our runners, to ensure they can hear instructions from marshals and traffic.

COVID Guidance:

All marshals and staff within the event and around the course will wear a mask for the duration of the event.
As many race packs will be posted out ahead of the event as possible and event communications will be sent via email in the lead up.
There will not be a formal baggage drop within the rugby club, please limit the number of belongings you bring to the event and leave anything in the car during the race to reduce contact between runners and volunteers.
There will be multiple hygiene stations around the event with hand sanitiser for all runners.
You will see clear signage around the rugby club, please follow all signage and instructions from the marshals before, during and after the race.
There will be a manned, and clearly marked, medical hub within the rugby club managed by Ambulance Services 24.

The race will start in waves based on your estimated finish time on your entry form, with the faster runners at the start and slower near the back to avoid any congestion and the need to overtake on course.
There will be an informal grab and go water station with sealed sports top bottles on the course, however we ask that you stay hydrated before the event and if you are able to please bring your own. Bottles and camelbacks are permitted.
If you need to overtake on the course please give a wide berth of at least 1 meter around any runners.
Spitting and nasal clearance during the race is not permitted.

Do not stop within the finish barriers. Please continue past the finish until you pass the medals and are in an open space.
If you are interested in reading the current advice issued by Sport England it is available here and Run Britain’s guidance can be found here.