Last Year

Beckenham Half Marathon 2017 was an amazing day that a lot of us are still smiling about!

The total amount raised for Action Against Cancer in 2017 was just over £40,000. This take the total raised over the last 3 years to over £150,000. Thank you so much to every single runner, sponsor and supporter who has helped make this total so incredible! We have now helped to fund several PHD students working in the research labs at Hammersmith Hospital. Beckenham Half Marathon is sponsoring a specific stem cell research project that is hoped to make a big breakthrough in future cancer treatment. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make that possible!


Our 2017 winners were Abdi Madar Amare (1:14:27) and Melissa Lailey (1:34:49)
Full results can be found using this link: